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--- Comment #20 from Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton <lkcl at lkcl.net> ---
(In reply to Jacob Lifshay from comment #19)
> (In reply to Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton from comment #17)
> > the purpose of this bugreport was to aid and assist in evaluating register
> > allocation strategies, saving considerable time in the hand-writing (4+
> > hours) of markdown tables through writing extremely rapid prototype and
> > throw-away one-off python code.
> Ok, I had missed that the whole point was to have throw-away code. 

the purpose is to help speed up the discussion surrounding reg-renaming.
something that takes 10 days to write has in no way speded up the
discussion or allowed us to assess and test alternative strategies on a
one-day cycle.

the moment that code-reuse and additional purposes (such as full 
hardware-level pipeline simulation) is involved, the complexity of the
resultant code jumps massively, and as such can no longer be considered
useful as "documentation".

> I think
> you are greatly underestimating the complexity of code required to generate
> those markdown tables currently on the wiki, I'd estimate something around
> 2-5k lines of python would have been required. 

to do a full hardware-level pipeline simulation?  most likely yes.

to do something that only tracks dependencies and does not even store,
process, or compute the operands?  i would be extremely surprised. i was
expecting to literally use a dictionary for the rename table, a list
for pipelines using push and pop.  reformat the instruction "assembly"
so that it takes 2-3 lines to "process" and so on, but is still

... but this is literally the first time that estimates of time taken
(based on LoC) is being discussed!

this should have been discussed *around comment 3*.

we could then have gone, "hmmm that's not worth it let's just carry on
doing the hand-drawn tables" or "hmm are we sure about that, let's maybe
take the risk".

and made that decision *together*

> It currently has 2.2k lines
> of C++ (counting files in c-src but not c-src/c++), and it implements the
> simulator, fetch pipeline, register renamer (I started with that model since
> I understand it better), and 5 instructions (addi, bdnz, ldu, mtctr, and
> std).
> > the idea to develop near-gate-level simulations far beyond cycle-accurate
> > simulations is a hundred to a thousand times longer development time than
> > the expected scope of this bugreport, and cannot be considered
> > "documentation"
> I agree that a simulator would probably not be documentation, however, the
> additional code required beyond the code needed to generate those markdown
> tables is not very much, I'd estimate 1.5-2x as much code (if implementing
> just the same instructions). Therefore, I decided to write the code in such
> a way that it is feasible to extend later.

which you're only just now mentioning, which means it wasn't discussed
or agreed.

it may be a good idea... but it needed to be discussed.

> > consequently i am closing it and returning the budget back to the parent
> > "Documentation" bugreport.
> Fine by me, we can figure that out later, if we decide that the code is
> useful for documentation, or other stuff.

at 2,500 lines and in c++ it puts it far beyond the reach of even an
above-average 15 to 17-year-old student owning a raspberry pi, and many
Computer Science undergraduates would struggle as well.

anything under the "Documentation" budget *has to itself actually be

again - you went ahead *without discussing it*, and that's really the
key message here.

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