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> --- Comment #8 from Alain D D Williams <addw at phcomp.co.uk> ---
> I would strongly recommend using meet.jit.si -- it just works and there is
> little effort in setting up a meeting.
> A group of us have been using it weekly (almost) since lock down in the UK
> (mid
> March). You need a machine with 4GB RAM**. Meetings generally 6-10 people,
> been
> up to 12 - no problems.
> No software needs to be downloaded, just use a web browser. No need to
> login/register. Joining a meeting can be password protected (if you want).
> The
> only downside compared to Zoom is there is not a dial-up (ie 'phone)
> option.

Actually there is! So we can use it and still have Tim and others dual in!

> You can put it on your own machine. I am working with a company who have
> done
> it. Installed on a Debian machine (I tried a couple of CentOS releases ...
> gave
> up). However to get it working as we wanted has taken someone a lot of
> time. It
> is a huge Java application.
> Summary: just use meet.jit.si
> ** 4GB - yes. I was running it from my laptop (2GB Linux Mint, Firefox)
> and it
> kind of worked if I killed off lots of other processes, reduced video
> quality
> (or better switch it off - audio only) - but very often I sounded like a
> Dalek
> to others.
> I was unable to get a web-cam ... then my son found one in a supermarket,
> so I
> was able to use on my desktop (32 GB RAM, CentOS 6) and it was a completely
> different experience - vastly better.
> My desktop is also wired via UTP (cable) to my router, not Wifi -- but I
> do not
> believe that that was the issue.
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