[Libre-soc-org] [Bug 380] New: First round of recruitment attempts on university and technical mailing lists

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            Bug ID: 380
           Summary: First round of recruitment attempts on university and
                    technical mailing lists
           Product: Libre-SOC Organisation
           Version: unspecified
          Hardware: PC
                OS: Linux
            Status: CONFIRMED
          Severity: enhancement
          Priority: ---
         Component: Planning
          Assignee: colepoirier at gmail.com
          Reporter: colepoirier at gmail.com
                CC: libre-soc-org at lists.libre-soc.org
   NLnet milestone: ---

Migrated from bug #379 under toplevel "Libre-SOC's first SOC -> Create wiki
page for recruitment letter to Universities (& etc.) to point to"

Cole Poirier:
> > Will also work on a blurb for soliciting new members, and research some
> > possible methods of publicising our search for memebers.

> my partner marie has a contact at HK University, please do point her at it
> when you have it written. (a short wiki page is great).

Will do, thanks this is a great place to start. Also will be contacting U of T,
my sister is a 3rd year ECE student there. Planning on contacting as many CS
and ECE listservs as I can find. Is this permitted? Are there any procedures,
regulations, or recommendations when it comes to cold contacting mailing list
registrars with a request to share our letter informing students (and faculty?)
of the opportunity to "work on complex and interesting libre hardware/software
and receive tax deductible charitable donations for their contributions?"

After university engineering and computer science mailing lists, maybe I should
try tech and hardware forums? Perhaps both the professional and enthusiast tech
forums, because people like Jacob and I watch things like Gamer's Nexus on
youtube, so there may be others that we can find there?

> we have something on the front page already however it is embedded *in* the
> front page and so is not really clear.

I agree. I'll write something up and post it on the wiki, will post the link
here when its up.

> we also cannot call it "jobs" because sigh that implies salaries, per-hour
> payments, employment, that we will cover their insurance costs, holidays
> and so on.  wark-wark.

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