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--- Comment #21 from Cole Poirier <colepoirier at gmail.com> ---
(In reply to Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton from comment #19)
> (In reply to Cole Poirier from comment #18)
>  seem like wasted effort as I appear to
> > have very different results from yours, added mine below yours on the same
> > wiki page.
> that's because you didnt remove the opcode column which can be seen clearly
> in the output and also in comment #18

Nope you misinterpreted it’s presence to mean I did’t drop it. Your
instructions were to drop it but after deduplicating the data to left join with
the original data to get the opcode column back. I didn’t even have to left
join with the whole of the original data because the index of the data was
preserved through the processing and I was able to left join only on the index
and the opcode column.  So during the deduplication process there was no opcode
column, but since we need the opcode column for our analysis I’ve added it

> i messed up by removing rc=ONE. wark.
> we need a program to do this job.

Once we have more well defined parameters for it, I agree, but right now it
seems we’re still figuring it out so you can just rely on me to do it manually
until it is appropriate to automate it.

> in the meantime can you take the latest microwatt decode1.vhdl and create,
> ONLY for the FP opcodes (grep FP) ONLY in the same minor group a CSV file
> dedicated to them.

Will do tomorrow, though I will prioritize the icache banging test tomorrow
because today I prioritized the csv’s and didn’t get to the icache.

> it is a bit laborious, i tend to use vi "." (repeat last command) a lot.

Aha good trick, thank you.

> we need to know the FP ops.  but do NOT add anything to existing CSV files
> so do NOT add the FP LOAD/STORE to major.csv for example.

Understood. I’ll add the FP csv only to our current working page for the
deduped ops so as to not interfere with the decoder.

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