[Libre-soc-dev] Finishing off the grant: gigabit crypto router 2021-02-052

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at lkcl.net
Sun May 12 22:37:12 BST 2024

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>> I still have some doubt. On the Amaranth Github page, they say "Amaranth
>> HDL (previously nMigen)", thus conveying to the reader that they are the
>> real original owners of nMigen (tm), having decided to rename it to
>> Amaranth.
> that's not ok, because they are stating that Amaranth is the successor as
> nMigen and implying they own the nMigen word, which is trademarked and
> do not own or have a license to the nMigen trademark afaik.
> this would be like if someone started a company and started selling a
> product named "Oaty Rings (formerly Cheerios)", where they're explicitly
> claiming to be the successor of and owner of the Cheerios word. this is
> trademark infringement.
> however, just making something just like Cheerios and calling it "Oaty
> Rings" without mentioning Cheerios at all is perfectly legal and not
> trademark infringement, as is evidenced by several companies doing exactly
> that, notably Walmart who makes Toasted O's.

in this case they are not so stupid and obvious.
CALDERWOOD is deeply manipulative and intelligent,
which is what makes h8m so dangerous.

he even manipulated his wife (who has cancer), by sending
a message from his company address, then claiming that
my reply jeapordised VC funding chances.

> So, unless you can show that RED has publicly stated that VISC is SimpleV
> or that VISC is the successor to SimpleV, or some other thing where they
> are implying they are the owners of the word SimpleV and not just using
> same idea (to be perfectly clear, David said they have since changed what
> VISC stands for,

please PUBLISH that discussion immediately or forward
it to me so i can pass it to the police.

> to "Versatile Intrinsic Structured Computing", which is an
> entirely different concept that they never told you, Luke, about), then I
> can only conclude that their use of the VISC trademark is not infringing
> the SimpleV trademark.

i know different. the wording and concept was precisely what
i told CALDERWOOD, including that Simple-V *as a concept*
is applicable to multiple ISAs.

look at the wording again from the screenshot. it is very
very clear that they intended to steal Simple-V, and to start
from the original work back in 2019 then after claiming
the *general principle* of Vectorising Scalar ISAs,
apply that to future ISAs...

which is there *precisely because i was the one that came
up with SV and said that it could apply to multiple ISAs*,
and was going to work on future ISAs (under Libre-SOC funding,
of those two other grants that the EC terminated due to their
attempted seizure)

it is even documented in the patents that i drafted (and own).

it is pure and simple blatant theft.

you are talking to deeply manipulative people, jacob.
please stop speaking with them - they are extremely
dangerous and have no compunction about placing someone
at risk of death as a byproduct of their desire to get
money and seize control of everything we've worked on
for the past 6 years.

thry've lied by omission on multiple occasions because
by leaving out actual events they "look like they are
within their lawful rights". of *course* they will leave
out the criminal aspects of their behaviour because it
will result in them being prosecuted and imprisoned.

example: they just lied by omission to Companies House,
by failing to document the meeting at which LEWIS almost
killed me by being verbally aggressive and manipulative.
(fortunately there is a witness). after placing me at
risk of death they then proceeded to have a Board Meeting
in direct and blatant violation of Company Law seizing
control of the company by illegally declaring that i had
resigned. here is what you are supposed to do:
i won't go into detail of how many breaches of Company Law
they have made, there are so many i still have not worked
them all out.

really: please treat these people as extremely dangerous,
jacob, and stop communicating with them.


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