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>> https://www.cdc.gov/epstein-barr/hcp.html
> I found a German article about EBV, so for anyone who understands
> German:

thank you, the translation roughly:

 Pfeiffer's glandular fever is typically accompanied by fever,
 fatigue, sore throat and swollen lymph nodes, but is usually
 harmless and usually heals quickly. However, some sufferers
 develop life-threatening complications, such as shortness of
 breath, ruptured spleen or blood cell deficiency, or extremely
 protracted courses, for example chronic fatigue syndrome.
 The risk of developing multiple sclerosis or Hodgkin's lymphoma
 also appears to be increased as a result of Pfeiffer's
 glandular fever.

chronic fatigue: basically 40+ years of that.

stress turns out to be the killer for me. adrenal fatigue from
being abused systematically, depending on the threat level i get
throat constriction within 4 to 25 minutes as EBV goes active.
if already active (already stressed/tired) it can be instantanous

longest i managed to "hold off" breathing difficulties was 40
minutes, repairing my motorcycle before driving it to A&E at
something like 3am, in high winds. obviously i was in much
more severe distress by the time i arrived.

the crucial thing is that unless stress is removed from the
equation i am not going to get "better". CALDERWOOD and LEWIS
are just not going to stop, and yet they have to be stopped
or they will keep taking, keep seizing everything they think
they have a right to. they wrote to the UK Minister for
Science Technology and Innovation claiming that they had
acted lawfully by taking legal advice on how to seize control
of RED Semiconductor Ltd. what they neglected to disclose to
the lawyers was that they had engaged in CRIMINAL offenses of
harrassment and Controlling and Coercive Behaviour to put me
into deep shock, placing me at risk of death, so i was fighting
for my life right at the time i was listening to them stating
"luke is unstable and hypocritical". this is how pathologically
dangerous and manipulative these people really are: zero
empathy, zero consideration - take take take. they are just
not going to stop until they have seized everything using
whatever coercion and manipulation of others they can muster.

people have said to me repeatedly "why don't you just walk away?"
i can't. they want everything. they think they know better,
they think they understand (and own) Simple-V, therefore they
can make it a success, fact is they don't own it and don't have
the skill or knowledge. with them at the helm it is *guaranteed*
that they will fuck up or abortionalise Simple-V, jeapordising
its chances and destroying its reputation. oh and because they
attempted to seize control of NLnet grants despite them flat-out
*not qualifying* for NLnet grants over EUR 50,000, we cannot
continue with future valuable SV research. and under these
stressful circumstances where i am in A&E an average of
*three times a week* there is just no way i can concentrate,
i needed 2 *months* sustained 12-14 hour days to do some of
the more complex work on *one* task.

it's much worse than that but i am not ready to put it in
writing to you all, sorry about that.

so bottom line i cannot walk away, and EBV never goes away
either (or it does if you get a bone marrow transplant).
the only solution is to fight for my life, and that is not
a euphamism.


geometry: without it life is pointless
the fibonacci series: easy as 1 1 2 3

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