[Libre-soc-dev] ls2 chroot dev script

Andrey Miroshnikov andrey at technepisteme.xyz
Mon Apr 10 07:59:47 BST 2023

On 08/04/2023 13:44, Cesar Strauss via Libre-soc-dev wrote:
> Greetings,
> While porting ls2 to the Nexys Video, I decided to run the dev scripts 
> from scratch, to make sure the instructions given in 
> https://libre-soc.org/HDL_workflow/ls2/ work for everybody.

Have you encountered issues while trying to following the tutorial on wiki?

Back in January, I made some notes on the temporary fixes I needed to do 
(but which didn't comply with the devscripts, so I didn't modify the 

Running hdl-dev-ls2 failed because of setuptools: 
I bodged that by manually installing a newer version of setuptools_scm 
using a whl file (whereas the real solution is to remove the dependency 
on setuptools altogether in setup.py for lambdasoc repo - I don't have W 
access though).

There was also a problem that an older version of nmigen (0.2) was 
installed. Possibly because git tags were removed? Not sure why they 
were even removed in the first place (Luke, please don't comment code 
with "# very annoying" as that doesn't actually explain why you need to 
do it).
I think I took out the "git tag -d" commands in my local version.

Not sure if these three recent commits by Luke fixed that (will test later):

Also couldn't use xc3sprog to program my arty a7-100t without sudo 
(missing a udev rule or something like that).



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