[Libre-soc-dev] QEMU Development Environment Image

zemaye zemaye at protonmail.com
Wed Sep 14 18:33:46 BST 2022

I hear you Luke. And yes I agreed to the charter a while ago. I still agree with it.

I agree that if you can't run a bash script you may be ill-equipped to work on this project.

I see the problem with hosting an image. It is preferable to help devs create their own images.

> that would be real handy.
If no one objects, I'll go ahead and start working on vm quickstart-tutorial-related documentation.

I may be able to script the entire process. I would need some time to look into libre tooling that helps automate vm configuration.

So it sounds like the two desired environments are:
[ ] devscripts (dev-env-setup)
[ ] ISACaller simulator ( [openpower-isa.git] / src / openpower / decoder / isa )

Let me know if anything looks off.


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