[Libre-soc-dev] Task 939 and its subtasks

Dmitry Selyutin ghostmansd at gmail.com
Tue Nov 22 17:28:16 GMT 2022

Hi folks,

I'm slowly filling task 939 for MoU. Here are the questions and
thoughts I have so far.

* EUR 6000? c-based Power ISA decoder compiler

Is this task about decoding the instructions? The same we have for
binutils, but, this time, for a simulator? This task could reuse most
of insndb and some of sv_binutils.
Ideally some bits of sv_binutils should be decoupled into a
backend-agnostic module. Once that is done, we could re-use that
module for binutils, simulator and clang.

* EUR 6000? c-based Power ISA markdown pseudocode compiler

What is expected in the scope of this task? The same code we generate
for Python but just in C? I'm not sure the current parser we have maps
well to the C code generation, though.

* EUR 8000? userspace ABI in simulator
* EUR 6000? userspace ABI in ISACaller (pypowersim)

What is implied under "ABI" here? Are we speaking of supporting the
(Linux?) system calls? Do we mean the full ABI like, say, System V
Application Binary Interface?

* EUR 6000? continuing the SFFS userspace distro from NGI POINTER

The task provided is closed as "resolved fixed". Is it still actual?

* EUR 8000? SVP64 support in simulator
* EUR 2000? integrate cavatools into Test API (running unit tests)
            (via pygdbmi, via cavatools remote machine gdb interface)

These seem to be clear, it looks like I only need to raise the relevant tasks.

Last but not the least: we have many binutils-related tasks. At least these:
1. Support missing instructions, #958: looks like completed, unless
new instructions were added recently.
2. Support missing specifiers, #976: needs the budget. Perhaps some
from #860, if this is completed? Perhaps it can be merged with #958 if
we change the description a bit.
3. Implement binutils-gdb tests (no task yet). This needs its own
budget for sure.

Considering the amount of binutils stuff, should we consider these
tasks above as candidates for #939 grant at all, or should we change
the parent task?

Please let me know your thoughts.

Best regards,
Dmitry Selyutin

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