[Libre-soc-dev] daily kan-ban update 27feb2022

Tobias Platen libre-soc at platen-software.de
Sun Feb 27 16:31:33 GMT 2022

After downgrading yosys, I tested again, and got the same error:
I also found out, that only the master branch of microwatt is affected.
So maybe I have to downgrade microwatt.

-- Running command `ghdl --std=08 --no-formal -gMEMORY_SIZE=8192 -
gRAM_INIT_FILE=hello_world/hello_world.hex -gRESET_LOW= -gCLK_INPUT= -
gCLK_FREQUENCY= decode_types.vhdl common.vhdl wishbone_types.vhdl
fetch1.vhdl utils.vhdl plru.vhdl cache_ram.vhdl icache.vhdl
decode1.vhdl helpers.vhdl insn_helpers.vhdl control.vhdl decode2.vhdl
register_file.vhdl cr_file.vhdl crhelpers.vhdl ppc_fx_insns.vhdl
rotator.vhdl logical.vhdl countzero.vhdl multiply.vhdl divider.vhdl
execute1.vhdl loadstore1.vhdl mmu.vhdl dcache.vhdl writeback.vhdl
core_debug.vhdl core.vhdl fpu.vhdl wishbone_arbiter.vhdl
wishbone_bram_wrapper.vhdl sync_fifo.vhdl wishbone_debug_master.vhdl
xics.vhdl syscon.vhdl soc.vhdl spi_rxtx.vhdl spi_flash_ctrl.vhdl
fpga/soc_reset.vhdl fpga/pp_fifo.vhd fpga/pp_soc_uart.vhd
fpga/main_bram.vhdl nonrandom.vhdl fpga/clk_gen_ecp5.vhd fpga/top-
generic.vhdl dmi_dtm_dummy.vhdl -e toplevel; read_verilog
uart16550/uart_transmitter.v uart16550/uart_regs.v uart16550/raminfr.v
uart16550/uart_top.v uart16550/uart_wb.v uart16550/uart_receiver.v
uart16550/uart_rfifo.v uart16550/uart_tfifo.v uart16550/uart_defines.v
uart16550/uart_sync_flops.v ; synth_ecp5 -json microwatt.json  ' --

To: Libre-Soc General Development <libre-soc-dev at lists.libre-soc.org>
Subject: [Libre-soc-dev]  daily kan-ban update 27feb2022

function Decode_Generic_Override_Option (Opt : String) return
      use Errorout;
      pragma Assert (Opt'First = 1);
      pragma Assert (Opt'Last >= 5);
      Eq_Pos : Natural;
      Eq_Pos := 0;
      for I in 3 .. Opt'Last loop
         if Opt (I) = '=' then
            Eq_Pos := I;
         end if;
      end loop;
      if Eq_Pos = 0 then
         Error_Msg_Option ("missing '=' in generic override option");
         return Option_Err;
      elsif Eq_Pos < 3 then
         Error_Msg_Option ("missing generic name in generic override
         return Option_Err;
      elsif Eq_Pos = Opt'Last then
         Error_Msg_Option ("missing value in generic override option");
         return Option_Err;
      end if;

PS: today is my birthday

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