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[https://newsletter.3mdeb.com/archive/psje97am8/PW6XnCeK6/drgy8pXM5]Dasharo OSF vPub Winter 2022

17 FEBRUARY 2022


The 4th edition of vPub is approaching! We will be discussing lots of interesting topics with many great guests!

Among discussed topics will be:
• Crowdfunding of open source firmware distribution for modern platforms,
• OpenSecurityTraining2 [https://newsletter.3mdeb.com/links/psje97am8/PW6XnCeK6/drgy8pXM5/uqzH9tV9I] roadmap,
• Recent advancements in Root of Trust technologies (MS Pluton announcements, TrenchBoot project status),
• Review of the open letter draft to open the Intel ACMs code
• Open source firmware distribution through fwupd/LVFS,
• Dasharo [https://newsletter.3mdeb.com/links/psje97am8/PW6XnCeK6/drgy8pXM5/WMmZ5PHmd7] project statuses: KGPE-D16
[https://newsletter.3mdeb.com/links/psje97am8/PW6XnCeK6/drgy8pXM5/6Z7NtQbCP3], OpenPOWER
[https://newsletter.3mdeb.com/links/psje97am8/PW6XnCeK6/drgy8pXM5/i2CmiS1yOW], Dell OptiPlex
[https://newsletter.3mdeb.com/links/psje97am8/PW6XnCeK6/drgy8pXM5/oIcKiVjXQv], PC Engines apu2
[https://newsletter.3mdeb.com/links/psje97am8/PW6XnCeK6/drgy8pXM5/ShHj4sCP6m], modern laptops support NovaCustom
• We will apply some structure to our vPub, during first 3h we will focus on open source/hardware/ISA project presentations, each
presentation will start on top of hour with 10min presentation/demo and 20min Q&A.

[https://newsletter.3mdeb.com/links/psje97am8/PW6XnCeK6/drgy8pXM5/_dbgcfE7bi] If you are interested, don't forget to recall the
topics from the previous editions of vPub, available in our archive

Important links:
• Dasharo OSF vPub Matrix room [https://newsletter.3mdeb.com/links/psje97am8/PW6XnCeK6/drgy8pXM5/5sSp6L88Pv] in Dasharo Workspace
(Matrix) [https://newsletter.3mdeb.com/links/psje97am8/PW6XnCeK6/drgy8pXM5/mRqeG30iTI] with embedded Jitsi conference using 
Element [https://newsletter.3mdeb.com/links/psje97am8/PW6XnCeK6/drgy8pXM5/LyuPjjOU-E].
Following configuration similar to virtual FOSDEM, we added integration of Jitsi to our Dasharo OSF vPub Matrix channel.
If you don't have Matrix account, here is a quick guide on how to get started with Element & Matrix
[https://newsletter.3mdeb.com/links/psje97am8/PW6XnCeK6/drgy8pXM5/9HmCnLpybB] or feel free to use Jitsi directly (link below).
• Jitsi Conference Link [https://newsletter.3mdeb.com/links/psje97am8/PW6XnCeK6/drgy8pXM5/3m2cPNh7Ch] - please click to join Jitsi
conference via web browser or mobile app
• Dasharo Workspace (Matrix) [https://newsletter.3mdeb.com/links/psje97am8/PW6XnCeK6/drgy8pXM5/mRqeG30iTI] - join
#dasharo-osf-vpub:matrix.org optional Matrix channel for text chat
• Calendar Invites: Google [https://newsletter.3mdeb.com/links/psje97am8/PW6XnCeK6/drgy8pXM5/U0qYhP-cJL] / iCal
[https://newsletter.3mdeb.com/links/psje97am8/PW6XnCeK6/drgy8pXM5/2hqn1Dn0oX] - click calendar of your choice to add event
• Dasharo OSF vPub Newsletter [https://newsletter.3mdeb.com/links/psje97am8/PW6XnCeK6/drgy8pXM5/WtI23Uz7y14] - if you would like
to be informed about future vPub events feel free to sign up to our newsletter

See you soon, 

3mdeb Team 

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