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Wed Dec 21 12:00:12 GMT 2022

On Wednesday, December 21, 2022, Sai Ritish G via Libre-soc-dev <
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> Hi everyone :D
> I'm Sai Ritish (I prefer being called Ritish)

hiya Ritish, great to hear from you

> I've been exploring a bit of LibreSoC. It is definitely something that
> piques my interest.
> I'm still doing my UG, and my domain is electronics, yet it seems hard to
> understand cause most things, I was never taught, also the reason it makes
> me more curious ٩(^ᴗ^)۶

yeah i did electronics when i was around 12, gate-level with
74 series ICs, and so on.  i built up from that after
having at least covered computing from a high level,
from various sources.

ultimately the entirety of computing is a chain of levels
of detail, where it is simply "patience" that gets you
through from one level to the next.  what tools you pick
or develop along the way make the tasks associated with
each level easier or harder, but unfortunately it seems
to me that standard VLSI HDL industry is set on picking
tools that make life harder (1990s programming style and

very few exceptions to that exist: the IIT Madras Shakti
Team picked Bluespec and in 18 months from scratch having
never done VLSI before, not one single member of the team
except for the Professors, they successfully taped-out
a working 22nm 300 mhz 64-bit RV64G core.

so it can be done: you _can_ go from zero knowledge to success,
it just requires patience and a willingness to BELIEVE that what
you want to do *IS* possible.

> I'm currently trying to go through the archives since there seem to be a
> few clues in them.
> Can't wait to actually be able to contribute to this ^^

andrey very kindly replied how to get started,
do go through the "how can i help as a developer"
section on the wiki.

> Nice to meet y'all! B)

you too


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