[Libre-soc-dev] status update pack/unpack, india edu conference, spec clarification

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at lkcl.net
Sun Aug 21 21:28:01 BST 2022

a quick update, i have the india educational workshop this
entire week, still have to do the presentation (!) and
finish setting up the student access to 5 Arty A7s at UOregon

i still haven't been able to do Pack/Unpack in ISACaller, too
much else going on although the spec looks good now.  PU has
been through the wringer, started as mv.x, then an EXTRA. PU is
now a Mode (like saturate) but the complication is that it
had to be individually added to LDST (both types, Immed and Idx)
and Arithmetic and CRops.  an additional complication:
only Arithmetic had room for dual Saturate-PU where LDST did

Also along the way, last week i had to scramble to remove
LDST-with-shift, which prompted me to do more readthru of
LDST which resulted in clarification and error checking.
this has surprisingly taken several days.

One nice side-effect of the binutils upstream patches is that
someone has kindly been reading the spec, starting with the
setvl page. i pointed them this way.

with RED Semi being an OPF Member now it becomes possible
to help with the review and processing on the other side
of the fence. I will ensure that the right questions are sent
out for answering here: i will *NOT* be providing answers
*inside* the Confidential realm of the OPF ISA WG.

of course that means that firstly the External RFCs have to
be written and that's what the new NLnet Grant application is


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