[Libre-soc-dev] Testing Libre-SoC 0.18um test chip.

Staf Verhaegen (FibraServi) staf at fibraservi.eu
Thu Sep 16 14:33:23 BST 2021

Goodday all,

Currently the silicon for the Libre-SoC has been produced and now the 
dice will be packaged.

Normally I would expect the chips still this month but I got notified by 
imec of possibly much longer lead times for (low-volume) chip packaging 
due the chip squeeze. So we will have to see.

Anyway I am now involved in other European funded projects and will only 
have time starting from mid November to start with the test of the test 
chip. And NLnet would like to have confirmation of the chip working ASAP.

I am happy to let other people take on this testing task. So let's 
discuss here if some of you may want to take on this task. I will get 
almost 160 packaged chips. Attached is the package footprint. I also one 
socket available that I can send to someone. It's this one: 
Unfortunately it is not in stock anymore.

In original project there was a budget of €5400 for the testing task.


Chips want to be free.

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