[Libre-soc-dev] CVC integration into Coriolis

D. Mitch Bailey d.bailey at shuharisystem.com
Tue Nov 23 05:04:00 GMT 2021


> if you can reply on-list (to libre-soc-dev rather than 
> libre-soc-dev-request)
> we can carry on the conversation there.
Thanks for the explanation.

> the MoU will not care what entity receives the Charitable Donation.  
> if you want to
> be taxed on Charitable Donations via a Corporate Entity you are more 
> than entitled
> to take that route.

I'll check with my company to see if there's any special paperwork 
needed before we can begin.

I imagine we need to set some milestones and decide on deliverables.

D. Mitch Bailey

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