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lkcl luke.leighton at gmail.com
Mon Nov 15 16:11:46 GMT 2021

On Mon, Nov 15, 2021 at 3:51 PM David Lanzendörfer
<leviathan at libresilicon.com> wrote:
> Hi Luke
> I've got an idea... Although our team is by now rather dominated by
> software developers, we still have actual engineers in the team :-)

good god.

> Maybe we should step the whole thing up a notch and propose a project
> for develeping actual equipment they can use in clean rooms.

there's EUR 120 billion earmarked for Digital Sovereignty, so there really
are no limits here - not of money, at least.

and, with things like this IC not being available - at all - despite it
being an absolutely crucial component in Diesel Engine ECUs -
because it's 250 nm high current high voltage near-military-grade
standards, and the entire Foundry equipment which was
single-suppliier was SCRAPPED because the frickin Automotive
Industry stopped ordering...


... it really should not be difficult to convince these bureaucrats that
this is urgent, urgent, urgent to get a *full* Sovereign-Independent
IC supply chain.

(everything: not just the equipment but the know-how.  it's great that Intel
want to create Foundries in Europe, but if they embed C4 in the walls and
then blow it up, or just open all the doors leading to the Class I Cleanroom,
or wipe the computers remotely at the order of the U.S. Govt
because Intel is a US Corporation, that's not really Digital Sovereignty)

> If they give us the cash for getting started, like the parts for the
> prototyping and the equipment, I'll gladly turn that into a legitimate
> business.

the idea of this meeting is not to ask for money, but to diplomatically
suggest, "hey y'know if there was this EU Call which had this this and
this in it theeeenn, like, y'knooow, there's these people called NGI?
y'know? they might like, y'know, put in a Grant Request?"

it all has to be done at 3rd hand, so that it is all independent and impartial
and you get the general gist.


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