[Libre-soc-dev] Some Interesting Notes on 5G after CWIC2021

Andrey Miroshnikov andrey at technepisteme.xyz
Tue Nov 9 18:35:08 GMT 2021

Hi all,

I've attended Cambridge Wireless' CWIC2021 conference today (managed to 
snag a free ticket by applying for an award hehe).
CW is an organisation with direct links to the telecomm and electronics 
industry. First learned about them at uni.

Figured I may as well share any interesting public information I find. 
They may release slides from the presentations to the public in the next 
few days, I'll update when I see them.

As for 5G, I'm not an evangelist, however there are interesting points 
to this set of cellular standards. I find there's a lot of zealous 
proponents who want (or at least seem) to make everything wireless, and 
hyping the advantages without regard for the downsides.

# Helpful terms:
* NR - New Radio - air interface standard (the modem hardware/software)
* SA - Standalone - 5G system functioning with a 5G core (without use of 
4G networks)
* NSA - Non-Standalone - 5G system requiring the use of a 4G core (early 
networks, and existing networks still use this while SA networks are 
being implemented).

# Current summary of 5G standards (Release 16 came out, Release 17 in 

# Interesting Points from the talks:
* Neutral Host 5G networks - municipal networks that are not 
operator-specific (in cities such as Bristol and Liverpool). Allow to 
save costs to operators, reduce number of masts thus reduces energy 
consumption etc.
One of the companies in the UK promoting (and assisting with) 
neutral/shared networks.

* Sustainability
Unfortunately little emphasis was put on reducing upgrade cycles, making 
handsets more repairable, etc. Of course that is unlikely while 
companies are still working within such a frame of mind.

Also point about encouraging less data use by individuals has not been 
mentioned. Consuming less is probably not going to be talked about for a 
long time.

They did however talk about neutral host networks.

* Digital Automation with 5G
Private spectrum/network allow manufacturers to interconnect everything 
Nokia 4G basestation factory in Oulu

Manufacturing and industry are the areas where I consider 5G standard to 
be very useful.

However for increased personal consumption (streaming, gaming), not so 

Also found a paper while searching for resources.
Modified modulation scheme involving spread spectrum for underwater comms:


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