[Libre-soc-dev] gigabit router design decisions

Umberto Cerrato umbertocerrato at outlook.it
Thu Nov 4 12:12:52 GMT 2021

Ehi all,

I do not know why are you writing this lot.

Jacob, I do not know you well, but from the emails it seems you *really* want to do that thing nevertheless others opinion;

I have not much to say about this. I just think that if I was a project manager I would have put you apart. I would have not accepted this behavior. (Specifically I read your second email, insisting after you have been told the motivations about the decisions taken.)

I also do not get why luke is “losing” his time so much.

I understand we all care about each others and like to work together and so on.
But if a person does not want to (because she/he would like to do by himself (so excluding himself from the project, himself!)) why insisting?!


I wrote this email because even if I do not participate actively in the project, reading luke replies stressed me so bad about TIMING and the CONTRACT that I felt like I needed to do something about this.
Also please, be collaborative. Or stay alone.
I see no other choices.

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