[Libre-soc-dev] PLL integration

Jean-Paul Chaput Jean-Paul.Chaput at lip6.fr
Wed May 26 10:14:03 BST 2021

Hello Luke,

Got the P&R working on it. But still have a problem with the
PLL connections... clk_sel_i seems not to be connected correctly
at test_issuer level. In the wrappll instance, connexions are
broken : wrappll_clk_sel_i[1] is stuck to zero. From what I see,
this appears in the blif file. So that takes me to next question,
what version are you using ? Maybe it comes from that.


On Tue, 2021-05-25 at 18:09 +0100, Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:
> success, P&R completes on NDA-free experiments9 nsxlib with
> "fake" PLL and 4x 4k SRAM blocks.  no missing / loose nets.
> over to you, Jean-Paul, anything missing / blockers let me know.
> l.
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