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I'd be open to migrating to oftc irc.
there is a matrix bridge


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Hi everyone! As I'm sure most of you heard by now, Freenode's staff has
had a falling out and it's been recommended by their staff that projects
consider the network a hostile entity. I won't go into the details here,
but those who are interested can read up here:


At the moment, the vast majority of IRC channels for various Freedesktop
and X.org projects currently reside on Freenode. While the X.org
foundation doesn't have any official policies on IRC hosting, because of
how frequently IRC is used by various projects in our community we on
the board decided to make a non-binding recommendation on an IRC network
we think would be good to move to. We're also looking at ways to provide
some resources to help channels move en masse. We hope this will enable
interested projects to migrate to the same new IRC network in order to
ensure they're all in the same place.

After considering Libera and OFTC as options, the board settled on
recommending OFTC. The primary reason for this is because OFTC is
associated with our parent foundation SPI, and has a long and well known
history of involvement with the open source community. As well, the
board believes OFTC's current Governance model is a lot more clear then

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