[Libre-soc-dev] daily kan-ban update 17may2021

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at lkcl.net
Tue May 18 11:23:22 BST 2021

On Tuesday, May 18, 2021, Lauri Kasanen <cand at gmx.com> wrote:

> BTW: it's painfully obvious all this is held together with bubblegum,
> not even tape, and barely runs even on the original devs' machines...

it does: i did say "rush-job" :)

the problem is that, actually, putting this very bluntly, nobody else in
the team is bothering to help keep thing up-to-date and stable.  being
honest i'm completely overloaded and overwhelmed and feel like i'm getting
absolutely no help at all from anybody.  it's not entirely true (it just
feels that way, to me) - both Cesar and Tobias are up-to-date and able to

you're discovering these things because you're literally the first new
person in about a year to come forward and try to install things and run
them, Lauri.

also i was concerned about updating nmigen, because we are relying on a
version for the 180nm ASIC: turns out that, after investigation, i had in
fact updated local nmigen (12th april 2021) and i've just pushed that with
a forced master update

i can confirm that those Simulation errors - which were something that was
occurring a year ago - are gone, with this commit

as Jacob points out, there was a big overhaul of nmigen's Simulator code:
to keep the 180nm ASIC running i very deliberately chose *not* to update
nmigen until that had stabilised, and it has.

as it is a "forced master" update you may need to do "git checkout
in the nmigen directory as a quick workaround.  if you've used "python3
setup.py develop" that *should* - if you are lucky - be all that's needed:
no need to re-run setup.py.


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