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NGI Forum

Next week Tuesday and Wednesday (May 18th and 19th 2021) the annual
NGI forum takes place, the large flagship event. Besides
Eurocommissioner Thierry Breton and keynote speaker prof. dr. Andy
Tanenbaum there are quite a few folks from NGI Zero involved during
the various plenary sessions and workshops. The larger Next Generation
Internet initiative meanwhile consists of a large amount of
programmes, each with their own approach and topic. The NGI Forum
might be an effective way to take a look at the ones that interest you
the most, and learn more about support programmes like Fed4FIRE and

More info on NGI Forum 2021:


There is also a dedicated workshop on open hardware chip efforts,
organised by ourselves on Tuesday afternoon from 15h to 17h CEST:
"Regaining control over our devices: Building open hardware chips in
Europe", presented by Rob Taylor. The workshop features a.o. Bunnie
Huang, Charles Papon, David Lanzendoerfer, Luke Kenneth Casson
Leighton, Olof Kindgren, Staf Verhagen, Thomas Kramer and Xianjun
Jiao. Should be a lot of fun!

More info on the workshop:


(registration on a proprietary platform is needed for the event, not
for the workshop)

Heads up: Summer of Nix

As you know, we want to package the fruits of your hard labour into
the wonderful Nix package management system - to make them easily
accessible for everyone. But with NGI Zero being so productive, it has
been hard to find enough packagers.

This is why we are proud to be supporting a significant influx of new
talent into the Nix ecosystem, with a new effort called the Summer of
Nix. This programme will bring together dozens of students,
professionals and passionates that will spend between August and
mid-October to take up the challenge of packaging as many NGI Zero
projects as possible. Experienced Nix packagers are participating in a
mentoring role. The program is organized by members of the core Nix
development team, the NixOS foundation, Tweag and NLnet foundation.

For many projects, it will be beneficial to interact with the
packagers tackling their project themselves - the repo and software
bill of materials hopefully should get them a long way, but it can be
very helpful for both sides to have some contact - if information is
outdated, incomplete, or there are technical issues that need to be

We hope you like this effort, and think it is useful. We are still
figuring out the logistics, but we hope to be able to make an
inventory of your availability during this period - to facilitate the
cooperation with the packagers. Thanks for your collaboration!

P.S. If you know people that might be interested to participate, feel
free to point them to:


Stand ICT - grants for standards work

For those of you working on standardisation, the StandICT programme
provides grants for that exact purpose. The StandICT.eu 2023 Calls are
open to individuals residing in the European Member States Associate
Countries. Privacy protection and Trust are among the topics, but so
are Accessibility, Cloud computing and Federation, Cybersecurity /
network and information security, Data, ICT Environmental impact,
Identity Management and Anonymisation, Open Data Standards and Open
Source (although it is not clear to us what exactly is going to be
standardised, but anyway, it's on the list).

Submission Deadline: 18th of May 2021, 17:00 CET


FED4FIRE+ - open calls for experiments and testbeds

(note that FED4Fire will terminate by the end of the year, so don't
stall if you intend to apply)

Grant goal: The Fed4FIRE+ project provides two different things that
are of interest to NGI Zero projects: free infrastructure to use for
testing and experimenting at a much scale larger than the typical
developer will have available (and including mobile systems, embedded
systems, large clusters, FPGA's, etc). The second is just as
interesting: actual test and development budget. And the latter can
actually scale up to 60.000 euro, meaning that you can spend quite a
few person months on making your project better and more scalable at
the same time. Ideal as a follow-up or supplement to your project
funding from NLnet!

Twice a year there are open calls for various types of experimentation
(large, medium, small) and experimental infrastructures. For SME's
there are so called “SME Cascaded Experiments”, which have a
continuous call where you can submit every two weeks. Fed4Fire+ won't
run for ever, though - so do not wait to long for submitting.

Target audience: All projects funded by NGI Zero should be eligible.

Grant: 12.5000€ for first stage grant and 60.000€ for second stage grant.

Closing date: June 1st - June 15th, final second stage grant 'anytime now'

Where: https://www.fed4fire.eu/event/continuous-call-sme-cascaded-experiments/

ESSIF Labs - Identity management

Grant goal: Another open all is that of eSSIF-Lab. Focused on identity
management, with a focus on self-sovereign identity as as a identity
solution for faster and safer electronic transactions via the Internet
and in real life.

Closing date: June 1st 2021

Where: https://essif-lab.eu

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