[Libre-soc-dev] IRC question

Umberto Cerrato umbertocerrato at outlook.it
Fri Jul 9 09:51:52 BST 2021

Thank you Jacob.

I am going to update this then: https://libre-soc.org , the "How Can I Help as a Developer?” part.

Anyway… I really get mad at “searching” stuff into the website… ahah… Specially the irc stuff. I always forget where the links/instructions are!

> We've moved to libera with the room also bridged to oftc:
> #libre-soc at irc.libera.chat port 6697, see
> https://libera.chat/guides/connect
> the Matrix bridge room is #libre-soc:libera.chat
> https://matrix.to/#libre-soc:libera.chat
> Jacob
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