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From: Matthew Hodgson <matthew at element.io>
Date: Thursday, January 14, 2021
Subject: [FOSDEM standholders] what will you stand look like ?
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Hi Kristoff,

FOSDEM is providing a Matrix chatroom with integrated video conference
(jitsi) and livestream (of that jitsi) via Matrix for each stand. You can
then use the jitsi to screenshare when you want to broadcast presentations.

We’re still setting up the server, but registration is open at
https://chat.fosdem.org and we’ll be sending invites for the right people
to the right stands rooms asap, so you can then experiment.


Matthew Hodgson

> On 14 Jan 2021, at 23:10, kristoff Bonne <on1arf at krbonne.net> wrote:
> Hi all,
> As FOSDEM is organised 'a bit differently' then the other years (hum),
perhaps it makes sense to do a small round-table with all the standholders
on the practical organisation your stand.
> My question is this:.
> What are your plans for what your stand will look like?
> Do you plan to do anything special for this year? Considering this is now
an online event, how do you plan to do this practically?
> Perhaps there are ideas that might be useful for others too.
> I will start to explain our stand:
> In short: the infostand on Amateur radio, our goal is to show what is
amateur-radio -as an scientific and technical hobby.
> We will be using video-conferencing as much as possible as I think that
is the best suited for our purpose.
> (Note: we will probably be using jitsi: it is an open system, and it
works in the browser and does not require any registration, which should
both lower the barrier to come and visit the stand as much as possible.
> These are the things we want to organise:
> * a number (3 or 4) of video-presentations on amateur radio, pre-recorded
or live.
> This events will be pinned at a certain predetermined timeslot.
> * "a day in the life of an amateur-radio operator":
> - A multi-channel live video-feel of people who are doing their thing in
their "radio-shack" at home. (this would just require us to find a number
of people who are willing to set up a webcam in their shack for the weekend)
> - a continues video-loop of "outdoor" activities of amateur-radio.
> * A talk / chat / videochat area: to allow people to just have a chat and
ask questions.
> As you can see, the 'visual' element is pretty important in all of this,
hence our preference for video.
> Side note:
> The amateur-radio infobooth has a dual goal: introduce amateur-radio to
the open-source / hacker / maker community, ... but also introduce
open-source development to the amateur-radio community. I think that -for
the latter- the fact that FOSDEM 2021 is an online event is not necessary a
bad thing.
> If we manage to make a program that is not only interesting for the
regular FOSDEM visitor, but also for the amateur-radio community worldwide,
this can attract people to FOSDEM (be it an online version of FOSDEM :-) )
that would otherwise never come to Brussels and use that to promote
> For that purpose, we need to find much as 'content' that sits on the
"intersection" of these two words.
> We do still have certain technical questions.
> - how to easily mix live video-streams and pre-recorded video-content
> - how to do video-chat when there are multiple visitors to the stand: one
single jitsi conference? Multiple conferences?
> If there are multiple conferences running at the same time, how do we
allow people to easily go from one 'room' to another.
> OK. I know that the our infobooth is probably a bit different from most
other stands, but I do am interested to know how you all are planning your
> What plans do you have for your information-stand?
> Kristoff
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