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can i suggest keeping this very basic, bugreport raised here


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Date: Monday, January 11, 2021
Subject: [FOSDEM standholders] Welcome to the standholders mailing list
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Congratulations on your stand at FOSDEM 2021. Now the "real" work starts ;-)

We realise we left you very little time to prepare, and we apologise for
it; FOSDEM 2021 is a new experience and our tried-and-tested recipes don't
work as well in the virtual world.

Nevertheless, to recap what we already stated, this is certainly what you
will get from us:

stands.fosdem.org/stands/Your cool project (see below)
video.fosdem.org/stands/Your cool project (or a variant of that) (also see
chat.fosdem.org/stands/Your cool project (or a variant of that) (also also
see below)

I'll explain in reverse order.


You'll get a chatroom at chat.fosdem.org (with a lot of help from the
amazing Matrix people) for your stand, to manage as you wish. We propose
that you create some kind of schedule (can be public, can be private) of
when an interesting person will be at your stand, so interested visitors
can have a chat.

We'll make sure your primary stands page links to the chatroom.


In a way that still has to be developed (or at least worked out), you'll be
able to upload (or rsync/sftp) some prerecorded video's (showcases,
interviews, demo's, etc.) to a folder under video.fosdem.org.

We'll also make sure that there is a link from the stands page.


There will be a website called stands.fosdem.org which will list under
/stands/ all stands at FOSDEM 2021; organised per theme. Each "stand" has a
primary (index) page with some generated content. All other pages are up to
you: you can put everything on the primary page, create subpages or do
something else. The website is generated with Hugo, and every stand is a
directory (with _index.md) under content/stands. Your pages are thus
content pages (HTML and MD), which means you don't have to care about how
it looks (we'll put it in the FOSDEM theme) or how it exactly is
configured; we deal with all that.

You can add static content (images, etc.) to be used on your pages.

We'll fetch all your content once per hour (when the site is up - sometime
next week) with git. Therefore, in the acceptance mail, we asked you to
provide us with two git repositories; one for the content files (you don't
have to provide the rest of the Hugo scaffolding) and one for the static
files. Make sure we can pull without authentication.

As soon as the site is up, well provide you with the link so you can check
how everything will look. You can also clone our git repo and check for
yourself (see the Hugo documentation for more details on how - the command
is hugo serve).

More information is on

If you have any feedback, ideas for improvements or just general comments,
please do not hesitate to drop us an email; we'll try to integrate it. We
know it is somewhat short notice, but we had to rewire our entire FOSDEM
machine, and such things take some time and a lot of work. We hope this
will however recreate some of the buzz of the traditional event; and we
hope very much to see you all in physical form at the ULB campus in our
trademarked uncomfortable chairs.

Kind regards,

The FOSDEM Stands Team

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