[Libre-soc-dev] SRAM for Libre-SOC

D. Mitch Bailey d.bailey at shuharisystem.com
Thu Dec 9 06:19:30 GMT 2021

>> What SRAM's do you intend to use? OpenRAM?
> no, Staf informs us that it is not very good (he is a VLSI Engineer, worked for Imec for over 20 years). Staf is designing a flexible SRAM compiler, NLnet funded.
> l.

OpenRAM does need work on space optimization and power rail connections. 
The mos diffusion also needs more contacts in my opinion.

Back in the day, I was on the team that implemented the SRAM/ROM 
compilers for Renesas' cell phone SOC's.

Staf, if you want any assistance, let me know.

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