[Libre-soc-dev] ls180 update

Jean-Philippe Turcotte jp2k5 at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 19 02:08:46 BST 2021

> btw i can just simply send you the VST (VHDL) files.

That would be much easier, yes!

> oh, you need verilator v4.106 not later than that
> [...]
> experiments10_verilog, soclayout repository, designed for exactly that [a faster-to-run example].


> i have reached out to a test company through nlnet, you should not have to
> pay.

Oh wow, do keep me posted.

> what does it [gg] provide that distcc does not?

It seems idiot-proof. I could not understand how distcc would work in the cloud.

> indeed.  the executable once compiled needs to be run locally through
> cocotb.
> thus distcc realistically needs to be used in order to get the object files
> back.

Okay, I will check if gg preserves those (we are talking about the .o files, right?). If not, yeah... I would need help.


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