[Libre-soc-dev] Back from vacation and question about documenting litex

Cole Poirier colepoirier at gmail.com
Mon Sep 7 00:52:30 BST 2020

Hi all,

I'm back from my vacation and will be working full time again starting
tomorrow (monday). I'll hopefully be finishing up the microwatt vhdl
debug spr task tomorrow, as well as the first full translation pass of
icache.vhdl, including adding the ~100 or so lines of tests from

I've been following our progress with testing the microwat *.bin files
this week and I'm so excited at how far you've been able to go in the
past week, Luke. I guess it took two weeks up front to route out all
of the bugs at the front end of the process and now you're just flying

On that note, do we have the litex simulation and testing instructions
on the wiki? If so can you please link me to the page? If not, I'd
like to take on the task of documenting that this week along with the
microwatt spr vhdl additions (I think I'm almost done), and
icache.vhdl (almost done this as well). Is there a bug report for this
already? or should I create one?

Very glad to be able to start helping out again :)


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