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Alexandre Oliva oliva at gnu.org
Sun Nov 29 20:32:31 GMT 2020

On Nov 29, 2020, Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton <lkcl at lkcl.net> wrote:

> insn-histogram.py was a duplicate (out-of-date)

I saw your comments and commits; indeed, that's what prompted me to add
the original version I'd written in the git revision history, since
AFAICT only modified versions had been committed.  I've learned the
painful way that these things can sometimes be important much later,
when involved people are no longer around but questions need to be
answered about provenance, authorship, copyright titles and licensing.

I've now added licensing and authorship information, but not copyright
notices: because the files have been modified, I don't feel entitled to
claim full copyrights over those versions.  How should I proceed?
Should I put in my own copyright notice, and let you put in yours, or
would you like me to put in both, or what?

I'd also appreciate if stuff under lxo/ was regarded as a personal
sandbox.  Feel free to copy, but please don't delete without checking
with me, unless I'm gone.

Indeed, I expect an eventual removal of
openpower/sv/estimate-compression.py, tuned for the now-abandoned
8-bit-nop mode switching.  I wanted it to be preserved in my sandbox,
but even with my readded symlink, the preservation is not quite
achieved.  So, if/when it's to be removed, I'd appreciate if it was
instead added back to where I put it to preserve it.  Thanks in advance.

> in comp16-v1-skel.py i renamed "next" to "nexti" because "next" is a
> python keyword.

It was fine.  It's not a keyword, just a built-in function, that was not
used in that scope, so not a problem.  But thanks, I suppose; I don't
mind the change, I'll just have to change prev to previ and cur to curi
because I find the asymmetry too distracting.

> i also put in a TODO reminder to use insn_histogram.py to estimate the
> best reg mapping targets.


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