[Libre-soc-dev] activity log

Alexandre Oliva oliva at gnu.org
Sat Nov 28 23:48:13 GMT 2020

Since I joined the project, I started maintaining a ChangeLog-like file
with my notes, thoughts, and accomplishments, as I do for several of my
other of my activities.

It will grow over time.  I wonder if it would make sense to place it
somewhere in the wiki.  If so, any tips as to how to format it so that
it looks decent there, assuming a plain-text ChangeLog file wouldn't?


	* 532: Implemented a skeleton for compression ratio estimation,
	initially with the simpler mode switching of the 8-bit nop,
	odd-address 16-bit insns.  Next, rewrite it for all the complexity
	of mode switching envisioned for the "attempt 1" proposal.  (2:02)


	* 238: Debating various possibilities of 16-bit encoding.  (5:20)

	* 532: Wrote a histogram python script, that breaks counts down
	per opcode, and within them, by operands.  (2:05)


	* 529: Brought up the possibilities of using 8-bit nops to switch
	between modes, so that 16-bit insns would be at odd addresses, so
	that we could use the full 16-bits; of using 2-operand insns
	instead of 3- for 16-bit mode so as to increase the coverage of
	the compact encoding.
	* 238: Luke moved the comment above here, where it belonged.
	* 529: Elaborated how using actual odd-addresses for 16-bit insns
	would be dealt with WRT endianness.  Prompted by luke, added it to
	the wiki.
	* Wiki: Added self to team.  (11:50)


	* 532: Wrote patch for binutils to print insn histogram.
	* Mission: Restated the proposal of adding "and users" to the
	mission statement, next to customers, as those we wish to enable
	to trust our products.  (6:48)


	Reposted join message to the correct list.
	* 238: Started looking into it, from



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