[Libre-soc-dev] daily kan-ban update 16nov2020

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at lkcl.net
Sat Nov 21 12:45:07 GMT 2020

On 11/16/20, Cole Poirier <colepoirier at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Mon, Nov 16, 2020 at 1:28 AM Jacob Lifshay <programmerjake at gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> today:
>> power-cpu-sim [snip]
> Fantastic! Really cool Jacob, just played around with it some. My only
> suggestion would be to perhaps increase the width of the columns as
> currently the renaming splits over lines awkwardly.

Cole can you see that by asking for embellishments you are actively
causing and encouraging Jacob to continue to spend time and resources
on something that is of no immediate value to the project's highest
priority goals?

you have by asking this question caused direct harm to this project.

as we are not employees and have no boss, none of us can tell the
other what we should or should not be doing.

the only thing that we can do is make each other aware of the
consequences - the harm caused - by wasting our precious resources on
distractions, and to hope and trust that the message is heard.

Jacob you have not yet heard the message that is behind these words
because you are waiting for explicit commands from me that *I am not
permitted to give*.

if we operated under a top-down hierarchy like any other Libre Project
i would be the best person to do exactly that.  however this project
has *specifically* been set up with an ethically-bound Charter.

it is your responsibility alone to decide whether to listen and
whether you wish to continue down this rabbithole that is distracting
you from contributing effectively on the immediate high priority

in the meantime - Cole - again i cannot tell you what to do, but,
again, the only thing i can do is point out that encouraging Jacob to
continue down this rabbithole is itself causing harm to the project.


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