[Libre-soc-dev] New Contributor to the Project

giacomo alberini giacomoalbe at gmail.com
Mon Dec 7 23:48:33 GMT 2020

Hi dear LibreSOC developers!

My name is Giacomo Alberini, I'm a passionate Open Source enthusiast,
primarily working as a Full Stack Web Developer.

I found the LibreSOC project while I was looking for an open GPU card,
since I wanted to build a completely open source and open hardware video
streaming setup and I wanted to check how deep one could go with
performance optimization.

I'm a Junior Electronic and Telecommunication Engineer, I graduated with a
thesis on serial PWM photography sensor for which I developed the VHDL FPGA
core, the Python/C firmware and the Python desktop software for acquiring
images and setting up the system.

I want to start this new adventure in CPU/GPU design, I found it very
interesting and stimulating, in particular because of the parallel and
concurrent nature of the "programming style" and because I'm fascinated by
the performance that can be achieved through hardware.

I read all the "introductory" documents and related stuff on the website,
but I don't think I would consider myself "ready" to become a member of the
list, well, at least not yet :)

I hope to get some feedback and some hints from you members, I'm pretty
skilled with programming and Linux usage in general, I'm an avid Vim user
and generally I love the GNU way-of-thinking, so I think I'm in the right
place, I just need to get accustomed at "how you do things" here.

I'd like to get my hands dirty on something, but I don't know where and
what to start with.
I'm also interested in better understanding the "funding" process, since it
is very rare in Open Source and I'm curious to see how well it performs :)

I think I've nothing more to say, I hope I've introduced myself as clearly
as possible and I hope to start giving back to the project as soon as

Thanks again for your time and patience!


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