[Libre-soc-dev] SV review to schedile

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at lkcl.net
Sat Dec 19 23:53:10 GMT 2020


at some point we need to schedule a review of SV.  knowing how this hangs
together, i can say very plainly that we have a vast amount of work to do
on the implementation.

(luckily we have a new team member who is willing to help with the pieces
of the puzzle that get the PartitionedSignal class into shape, starting
somewhere in february)

thanks in part to Condition Register SV has become unbelievably powerful.
 mapreduce on CR ops separates out the role previously served by VSX CR6:
testing of a vector of results for certain properties, irrespective of VL,
for examole.

however it's not the technical aspects that are the key.  if it wasn't for
everybody's input over the past few weeks we would not have that amazing

as we are under time pressure much of what has been added will simply have
to wait for the full implications and capabilities to emerge.
CR-result-predication for example (if a CR test fails it is as if the
predicate bit was zero) which will need modification of MultiCompUnit to

i do not mind if things as they stand turn out to be wrong and need
changing: this is why i asked that ideas be recorded so that they can be
revisited if necessary.

however we are so far behind that we have to move forward, and fast.  i'd
therefore like to schedule a day for a full review, to spot glaring
omissions, ambiguities and impracticalities.


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