[Libre-soc-dev] Hello! , Intro message

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at lkcl.net
Sun Dec 6 17:26:14 GMT 2020

On 12/6/20, Pranav Sateesh <ps905 at snu.edu.in> wrote:
> Thank you Luke and Cole.
>>ok so this very much depends on your level of expertise and interests.
>>it is a huge project so there is lots to do.
>>for example if you can do c and c++ and are interested in compilers,
>>Veera could likely use some help with the 3D MESA Vulkan driver.
>>if you would like to do HDL but actually more python then there is
>>actually a rather nice high strategic value python project that we
>>need done.
> I am most comfortable working in python and then followed by c/c++ or rust.


> So Would not mind working on either of the above suggested tasks. Would
> prefer to start with python, get a little familiar with the source code
> itself before I take up more tasks if that's ok.


> I have not been accustomed
> to bugzilla,

at 20 years old it's pretty obvious and basic.  i (gosh, shock) added
a patch that allowed comment editing, when we first started


anyway: due to spammers i had to disable account creation, i did it
for you and sent you a notify, just now, you can use it to request a
password reset.

> and would love to get the specifics of the python HDL task if
> possible.


well, here is some context:

and you should create a password so that you can log in here


let us at least get you started, here, then transfer to that bugreport
once you're able.

you should also familiarise yourself with nmigen, get it installed etc
by going through the HDL_workflow


part of that, i will need an ssh public key from you (send me by email)

quite a lot to do, initially, so to help with that cole created some
auto-install scripts:


any questions just ask ok?



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