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Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at lkcl.net
Sun Dec 6 15:38:45 GMT 2020

On 12/6/20, Pranav Sateesh <ps905 at snu.edu.in> wrote:
> Hey Everyone!
> This is Pranav, from India. I found a post on reddit about Libre-Soc
> messaged Luke and was redirected here.

that was only an hour ago :)

> I am proficient in Python, fairly so in assembly x86 and ARM reading up on

we are doing OpenPOWER, it is in some ways a better foundation for a
hybrid VPU-CPU-GPU, for example you may remember the Cell Processor,
used in the Sony PS3?

just to be clear, we are not doing RISC-V.

> Excited to contribute! .
> Would love some guidance on how to go about for the first few days
> contributing to the project .

ok so this very much depends on your level of expertise and interests.
it is a huge project so there is lots to do.

for example if you can do c and c++ and are interested in compilers,
Veera could likely use some help with the 3D MESA Vulkan driver.

if you would like to do HDL but actually more python then there is
actually a rather nice high strategic value python project that we
need done.

the actual work needed should be quite small, but explaining it fully
takes about an hour, and the unit tests will be waaay larger than the
amount of "implementation" code:

if that's not intriguing there are plenty more

> Hoping to hear from all of you.

welcome from me :)

> I did go through the Charter and I am ok with the same and agree to it.

star.  it is an experiment as much as anything.


> Regards
> (Hope I am doing this right, if not very sorry and would love a heads up on
> the format for the mailing lists)
> --
> Pranav Sateesh
> B.Sc. Physics (Research)
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