[Libre-soc-dev] Coloquinte legalizer failure

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at lkcl.net
Sun Dec 6 13:33:15 GMT 2020

On Sun, Dec 6, 2020 at 1:07 PM Staf Verhaegen <staf at fibraservi.eu> wrote:

> The only thing JP can't reveal is exact dimensions of the cells for the
> rest he can reveal everything.

this is just one possible thing that might occur... however it still
leaves JP, isolated behind an NDA barrier, as the sole exclusive
person on whom we must critically rely for solutions.

JP is unable to ask, on the wider internet, for help.  he cannot ask
us, because we have not signed the NDA.  he can *possibly* ask on the
wider internet, as long as he also adds the caveat, "only people who
have signed TSMC NDAs need answer, and privately".

> So I don't see the problem and you will need to come with a more
> concrete description of the actual problem in order for me to be able
> to help rather than some general statement like 'JP is prohibited to a
> large extent from telling us how they got fixed'.

the problem is that we won't know what the problem(s) are until
they're encountered.  consequently i cannot come up with anything
concrete... i cannot give you any kind of "concrete answer"... because
we simply don't know.

and that is itself the problem, more than anything.

i don't mind not knowing... i do not mind that there exist problems...
*if* there is a route to finding out that involves full transparency
as a means to solve them, if and when they occur.

the fact that we cannot invite people across the internet - to get
"eyes on" if a problem *does* occur - not "specific concrete problem X
has been identified" - the fact that this strategy, on which our
entire development and risk mitigation is based, cannot be deployed
and we are exclusively and critically dependent on people behind NDAs
- this *is* the problem.

sorry i am trying to explain it, not very well.


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