[Libre-soc-dev] v3.1B prefix

Cole Poirier colepoirier at gmail.com
Sat Dec 5 06:04:10 GMT 2020

On Friday, December 4, 2020, Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton <lkcl at lkcl.net>

> hiya jacob,
> i sent the message to paul, and also went through a mental walkthrough
> of the combined 16/48 bit state machine, the ABI implications,
> everything.
> if it were possible to express, virtually, thumping a desk repeatedly
> in annoyance, that's the not-reaction to imagine i am feeling.
> what i am trying to say is: OpenPOWER shot itself in the foot by not
> building in 16/48 bit instruction possibilities, with the 6 bits of
> fixed size Major Opcodes, and i don't think this is a mistake that can
> be recovered from, not without full buy-in from *all* OPF Members,
> designing a modern variant of VLE that is properly signed off and a
> suitable ABI agreed.
> the state that has to be maintained is just too much to cross over
> when interacting with standard ABI code, and in addition even crossing
> over in a VLE mode is still problematic.
> consequently, the implications are that, even more severely limited as
> it is, the 24 bit v3.1b prefix system is... well... our only realistic
> "least bad" option for now.
> which also, given that 48 bit is also not practical until it has been
> fully adopted by OPF Members especially IBM, leaves SV with a power
> consumption penalty as all SV instructions will be 64 bit.
> this i am not in the slightest bit happy about.
> the *only* good news in this cluster**** is this:
> that if we accept that setvl is the sole method for setting VL and
> MVL, then the pressure is off when it comes to trying to jam what was
> formerly in 11 bits, now there are 24 available.
> this in turn means ample space for:
> * 2x elwidths, 2x predicates and 2x inverter selectors for twin predication
>      2 bits elwidth probably 3 per predicate
>      totals 10 bits
>      1 extra for choosing CR or GPR for predicate input
> * SUBVL 2 bits
> * 2 or even 3 bits for Vec/scalar extension
>     3x3 src1 src2 dest gives 9 bits
> that's 22 bits, 2 spare for other purposes.
> now, what doesn't fit here is swizzle.  we need 2 sets, realistically
> (src1 and src2) to not have massive quantities of f.mvs and also still
> need to specify SUBVL somehow as well.
> and applying swizzle src1+src2 *and* predication?  naah.
> the reduced space is very irritating, given quite how much could be
> compressed if we did not have to fit within these constraints.
> at least 24 bits is better than 11.

Is the implication that more work can be done from decoding each 64bit
instruction, or is it merely that more operations can now be encoded as the
opcode space has increased from 11 to 24 bits? What implications for this
have for the 16C proposal which is not critically dependent on SV? Does SV
remain useful given the newly discovered power penalty from being forced to
use 64bit not 48 or 32 bit sv prefixed instructions?


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