[Libre-soc-dev] daily kan-ban update 14aug2020

Alain D D Williams addw at phcomp.co.uk
Fri Aug 14 21:40:43 BST 2020

and a few other recent days.

I stole a basic layout from the riscv ISA manual; changed references, names.
Not much but a start.

You can download the PDF from here (for temp viewing):


One bit of feedback that you can give is the names, etc, of people who I need
to credit at the start.

New chapters come when I have problems below sorted.

Yes, I know that it should be in Git and on the libre-soc server, but it is
easier to work locally and sync up; should be easy.

I am working in a Debian 10 VM inside my desktop machine -- I could not get all
the LaTeX components without a fight (it's an 8 y/old Centos box - soon to be
upgraded) so a VM is easier.

Y/day: synch up to Git, no connection. Ah, update my firewall to allow outgoing
port 922 connections from the VM.

I have a complicated (not for real use) password - so got locked out by fail2ban

Decided they pub keys is what I wanted - but did not work the VM key was not
recognised ... fix the name in authorized_keys ... not 100% sure if it is
stable, connections from different machines with the same external IP address.

Then ssh-keygen ... I spent several hours figuring out new key types and updating

Try the gitolite3 URL that Luke gave me ... failed a couple of times ... it is
using what he grabbed from my old authorized_keys. Fixed that with the new
ed25519 key type ... try again

fail2banned :-(

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