[Libre-soc-dev] Running "make" as root

Cesar Strauss cestrauss at gmail.com
Sat Aug 8 14:19:40 BST 2020


In the dev-env-setup repository, the hdl-tool-yosys script insists on
running "git" and "make" as root.


But root is only really needed for "apt-get" and "make install".

I believe it is generally good practice to run software as root as
little as possible.

I suggest removing the root detection guard at the top of the script,
inserting "sudo" at appropriate places, instead. As a bonus, the "chown"
and "chgrp" calls at the end are not longer needed and can be removed.

Does it make sense?

By the way, I happen to be running the dev-env-setup scripts again from
scratch, while preparing locally a new container environment for
libre-soc development.



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