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--- Comment #3 from Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton <lkcl at lkcl.net> ---
(In reply to Cesar Strauss from comment #0)
> The goal is to implement the following pseudo-code
>    for i = 0 to VL-1:
>        GPR(RT+i) = GPR(RA+i) + GPR(RB+i)
> The tasks are:
> 1) add SVSTATE as an SPR
> 2) augment PowerDecoder to decode the SVP64 prefix
> 3) augment the TestIssuer FSM to:
>     a) if a SVP64 prefix was decoded, read and decode the next word, before
> really issuing the instruction
>     b) issue the instruction and wait for completion.
>     c) If any source or destination was a vector, keep issuing the
> instruction and increment SVSTATE.srcstep. Break when it reaches VL-1
>     d) set SVSTATE.srcstep to zero again
> 4) modify the read/write point in the regfile to add SVSTATE.srcstep to
> the reg number
> 5) add SETVL instruction
> 6) figure out how to deal with exceptions in the middle of a vector
> instruction:

this *may* require (read: is going to) adding an SRR2 into which SVSTATE is

this is because SVSTATE contains, in effect, a Sub-Program-Counter.

PC is saved and swapped in SRR0... therefore because SVSTATE is a Sub-PC... you
see how that works.

>    a) save the SVSTATE before entering an exception.

in SRR2.

>    b) when exiting, restore SVSTATE, while setting the PC to the current
> instruction, so it's decoded and issued again.

from SRR2.

actually we should probably call it SVSRR0.  i will document this in the SPRs


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