[Libre-soc-bugs] [Bug 558] gcc SV intrinsics concept

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Tue Jan 12 02:20:06 GMT 2021


--- Comment #48 from Jacob Lifshay <programmerjake at gmail.com> ---
If we want something we can just throw away later, what about writing the bare
minimum to support vectors in inline assembly with register allocation and just
write a C++ class that wraps inline assembly? With inlining, it should be quite
efficient. I could write the C++ class in a few days of work.

This would require compiling code that uses SV in C++ mode, which shouldn't be
that difficult to achieve.

We could have the backend abort if it detects any functions left over that try
to pass vectors as arguments or return values, making it so we wouldn't need to
implement a function call ABI.

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