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mark words and redraw needed

1).  put "LDSTCompUnit" at top on each of FU0-7

2). put "PortInterface" at bottom on each of FU0-7

3). delete all bits crossed out in green.

4). make box around crossbar.

5). put "LDSTSplitter" at top of box (4)

6). put "PortInterface(Even)" at bottom of box (4) on left (red) output

7). put "PortInterface(Odd)" at bottom of box (4) on right (blue) output

8). put box round "PriorityPicker"

9). put "DataMerger" at top of box (8)

10). copy box (8) to Even side and call it "DataMerger1" (or DataMergerEven)

11). copy box (8) to Odd side and call it "DataMerger2" (or DataMergerOdd)

12) remove box (8)

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