[Libre-soc-bugs] [Bug 340] formal proof of POWER9 SHIFTROT pipeline needed

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Samuel A. Falvo II <kc5tja at arrl.net> changed:

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--- Comment #3 from Samuel A. Falvo II <kc5tja at arrl.net> ---
I cannot get the formal proofs for this pipeline working at all.  See the
following error:

ERROR: test_formal (proof_main_stage.ALUTestCase)
Traceback (most recent call last):
line 174, in test_formal
    self.assertFormal(module, mode="bmc", depth=2)
  File "/home/kc5tja/git/libre-soc/nmutil/src/nmutil/formaltest.py", line 97,
in assertFormal
    rtlil=rtlil.convert(Fragment.get(spec, platform="formal"))
  File "/home/kc5tja/git/libre-soc/nmigen/nmigen/hdl/ir.py", line 39, in get
    obj = obj.elaborate(platform)
line 68, in elaborate
    dut_sig = getattr(dut.o.ctx.op, name)
  File "/home/kc5tja/git/libre-soc/nmigen/nmigen/hdl/rec.py", line 149, in
    return self[name]
  File "/home/kc5tja/git/libre-soc/nmigen/nmigen/hdl/rec.py", line 160, in
    raise AttributeError("{} does not have a field '{}'. Did you mean one of:
AttributeError: Record 'alu_op' does not have a field 'alu_op__insn_type'. Did
you mean one of: insn_type, fn_unit, imm_data, rc, oe, invert_a, zero_a,
invert_out, write_cr0, input_carry, output_carry, is_32bit, is_signed,
data_len, insn?

I tried changing all references of AluOp to SrOp, but I get the exact same
errors.  I'm at a loss.  Can anyone provide guidance?  Thanks.

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