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--- Comment #63 from Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton <lkcl at lkcl.net> ---
oof.  bit of a marathon clean-up / code-morph session, got through
most of it now.

* sim tests seem to work great.
* divpipe tests seem to work great
* FSM not so much, yet.

re-adding use of pia has to be done with some considerable care: not
just ensuring that other developers can (easily) install pia, there is
more to it.

test_div_compunit.py - which doesn't exist and i need to write it - is
a "mirror" of test_div_pipe_caller.py.

basically it does exactly the same job except this time it has a
MultiCompUnit "Manager" on the front-end.

this is a critically important test that makes sure that register
allocations are correct for both read and write, and in particular
that the pipeline sets "self.o.{something}.ok" correctly.

if those are _not_ correct we are in serious trouble because the
hardware will sit there - permanently - waiting for a register
flag to be raised that is never going to happen.

the issue is: the functions for checking the test output are used
by both test_div_pipe_caller *and* the test_compunit.

they have to be developed *in conjunction*.

in addition to that: test_core.py then takes aaallll the test_compunit*
tests and re-runs them *again*, this time actually connecting to register

by not adding support fully for pia into the underlying infrastructure,
critically important unit tests could no longer be run.

therefore, first things first:

1)  bug #436.  full documentation and wait for at least one other
    person to repro the build / install instructions for pia

2)  test_div_compunit needs to be added

3)  *then* pia can be added as a build dependency, making sure that
    it works with both test_div_pipe_caller.py *and* test_div_compunit.py

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