[Libre-soc-bugs] [Bug 199] Layout using coriolis2 main core, 180nm

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--- Comment #33 from Jean-Paul.Chaput at lip6.fr ---

> > --2020-07-22 16:50:30--  https://ftp.libre-soc.org/nohup.out.bz2
> # chmod ugo+r ./nohup.out.bz2
> try again

OK. When looking at the log file, I did see that you did make the P&R
twice... As it is deterministic, you get twice the same result, *but*
very strangely, the second run is much slower than the first.

   Place       GlobR   BDetR   LAssign   DetR   Destroy   Total
1    394 + 2 +    58 +    34 +     685 +  270 +       3   1446 (24 minutes)
2   1496 + 8 +   226 +   137 +    2205 + 1010 +       8   5090 (84 minutes)

You can find those times by searching for 'Done in' in the log file.

There may be a flaw in the Makefile system. As the routage fails a
"failed" status is returned to the calling rule, so it may start again
the P&R. Did you just made a "make lvx" or "make layout; make lvx" ?
I'm also curious about why so different runtimes. Was your computer
much more loaded the second time? Or did you not throttle the CPU the
first time?

You can see that LAssign (Layer Assignment) takes more times than
the whole placement. This is not normal considering what it does.
So, if I find what's wrong we can win almost 10 minutes over 24...

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