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--- Comment #7 from whitequark at whitequark.org ---
> basically, you'll need to teach me what i need to say, ok?

> how would _you_ have put it?

Sure, I can work with that. Suppose I am responsible for an important project
and the upstream of a dependency is doing something I don't understand or
appreciate. I've been in that position before.

I understand several things about it:
  a) Nothing prevents me from continuing to use the existing codebase of a
dependency that currently works fine for my project. My tests presumably all
pass, I do not have any bugs that need to be urgently fixed or features that
need to be urgently introduced.
  b) I have no authority over the developers working on my dependency. It is an
open-source project that operates primarily or entirely on goodwill, and,
unless otherwise agreed upon, its developers have no obligation to me at all.
  c) The fact that I am under serious pressure is the result of my own
decisions, and my own decisions alone.
  d) The project has so far been managed so well that I heavily depend on it.

So what I do is I assume that the project leadership knows what they're doing
and I'm probably missing something important, and first ensure that I got the
details right by asking. Something like:

> Can you tell me the rationale and roadmap for deprecating Record, as well as the proposed migration path?

That's it. One sentence. Once you know you got the facts right, feel free to
express any significant concerns you have, how disruptive it would (or would
not) be, and so on. Just... don't jump to conclusions, especially when you
admit it yourself that you had no reason to do so.

If you're frustrated? Find someone to vent on how much of a disruptive idiot I
am, *then* write that one sentence. I am not responsible, and will not be made
responsible, for managing your emotional state.

Aside: I don't know how are we having this conversation at all. I've never
heard of an ASIC project three months before tapeout that did not freeze, at
least, the toolchain completely, much less one upgrading the toolchain to a new
major version. By all accounts, nothing I can possibly do ought to be able to
affect your tapeout schedule at all, even in principle.

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