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Wed Jul 8 13:45:05 BST 2020


--- Comment #5 from whitequark at whitequark.org ---
> Deprecate the unfortunate Record.connect method, and the Direction
> functionality of Record as well

There is nothing in that sentence that says "unused". If we, in fact,
considered it unused, we would have removed it right away. But obviously that
is not the case.

> i have to say that when reading the messages, i didn't recall seeing anything
> about Record being removed.  clearly, if i had, given the huge impact, i
> would have said something.

It was mentioned only briefly because it is not the focus of the next (0.3)
release; the technical discussion related to replacing Record will happen
before the 0.4 release.

Given the relatively slow (for a project in the 0.x series) release cadence and
the extensive compatibility shims we provide, I decided that there is no urgent
need to announce the deprecation any more loudly than that, especially since we
do not have any actual design for its replacement. A design and a complete,
field-tested implementation for the replacement are, of course, a prerequisite
for deprecating Record, much less removing it.

> on learning that you've thought significantly about a
> route for us to continue to use Record (externally if necessary) is
> greatly appreciated.

The ability to implement something like a Record in your own codebase has been
added more than a year ago (at 2019-06-11) after a discussion with you and
hearing your requests, I've told you about that, and you've acknowledged that
you understood you had this ability.

> to be completely open and honest with you i feel quite intimidated and not
> very welcome

This is a consequence of your own past behavior, and today, by starting with
unfounded accusations instead of attempting to discover the facts or really any
attempt at a productive dialogue at all, you have not shown many reasons to
welcome you. I would prefer to discuss technical topics with literally any
other member of your team, none of whom, to my knowledge, behave like this.

You seem to consider LibreSOC a very important project for nMigen--but this
kind of behavior is in no way tolerated in the nMigen community and, frankly,
over time makes your project more of a liability.

Would I recommend anyone work with you knowing that in case of a
misunderstanding, you will attack them (as well as complete bystanders) first
and ask questions later, such as what you did today? Absolutely not.

> in future, how can we ensure better communication, here?

You could start with not messaging me out of the blue with counterfactual
accusations stemming from the assumption that I do not, in fact, consider it
valuable to provide a smooth migration path for downstream projects when this
has been the focus of the project since before it got a 0.1 release.

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