[libre-riscv-dev] rowhammer mitigation

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at lkcl.net
Fri Mar 8 07:22:04 GMT 2019

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On Fri, Mar 8, 2019 at 7:12 AM Jacob Lifshay <programmerjake at gmail.com> wrote:

> >  can probably arrange that, i hope i didn't set the ssl certificate to
> > git.libre-riscv.org, so it *should* cover bugs.libre-riscv.org as
> > well...
> >
> worse than that, accessing https://bugs.libre-riscv.org uses a cert only
> for git.libre-riscv.org and then returns the content from git rather than
> bugzilla.

yuk.  it's probably a fallback from the way i set up nginx.

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