[Libre-soc-org] [Bug 1005] write and submit grant request to nlnet for beginning adding compiler support for libre-soc

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--- Comment #1 from Jacob Lifshay <programmerjake at gmail.com> ---
this would be for llvm and gcc and probably cranelift

imho adding support in cranelift will be much easier because we don't have to
deal with making the maintainers of existing powerisa backends happy with our
major modifications, which i expect to be a long painful process.

because of that imho we should start with cranelift if we're going to work on
cranelift, otherwise start with llvm, because cranelift is probably best but
llvm also works well as a gpu driver backend, gcc is less well suited for that.

additionally cranelift, being a new powerisa backend rather than modifying an
existing one allows us to completely svp64-ify all vector support (with prefix
split from suffix) and not have to deal with vsx/vmx at first.

cranelift can be used as a backend for rustc and for wasmtime, but i'm not
aware of any c/c++ frontends for cranelift (though there are projects that
translate c to rust that might kinda work)

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