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--- Comment #5 from Cole Poirier <colepoirier at gmail.com> ---
Jisti Meet (https://meet.jit.si/) seems to work, although it works by typing a
name for a meeting, which is then the id for the meeting (with an optional
numeric id, to be used for phone dial in, which seems to work well also), where
the meeting name/id is only reserved when you start it, i.e. upon entering the
name and clicking start, I would create a meeting room called LSOCSyncMKII, I
would then be the only one in the meeting room and get to enable the waiting
room functionality (pretty much exactly like zoom's waiting room), and set a
password for the meeting. After the meeting ends, someone else could
theoretically use that meeting ID, there is no reservation or scheduling of
meetings. That being said, apparently a meeting name will keep the same numeric
ID for 30 days such that if the same meeting name is used those calling in via
phone will be able to use the same numeric ID. I see no problem with using this
for our next Libre-SOC-Microwatt-OPF-Raptor meeting, I will set it up and send
the email next weekend, however, I would strongly recommend that for subsequent
meetings, we set up our own jitsi server, as it is very low resource
utilization (as jacob linked to on the mailing list), and this will enable
persistence (using the same meeting link for as long as we please), meeting
scheduling, and would generally be nice and more professional (oh and be cool
because then we control the security, even though meet.jit.si is encrypted, and
they state on their website that they don't share or sell your data, as a libre
project self-hosting our video/audio communications, just like we do our
textual ones would be good).

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